Accomplishments in the first 3 years

Religion to Relationship Ministries
Material Accomplishments in Nicaragua 2013, 2014, and 2015

• Built our house in the village of KrinKrin.
• Finished a new well that provides clean water for over 500 people in the village of KrinKrin. (Which caused the sicknesses in the village, caused by dirty water, to go from 200 @ month to 15 @ month)
• Treated over 7,500 people from 19 villages along the Rio Coco at our house by giving medicine, suturing cuts and caring for broken bones before there was a nurse.
• Provided 152,952 Cordobas ($5665.00) worth of medicines for the clinic in KrinKrin after MINSA sent a nurse to the village, in the times there wasn’t sufficient medicines.
• For three consecutive years, for a period of 9 weeks in the “skinny season” when there was a food shortage, we provided a total of more than 21,240 prepared meals in the village of KrinKrin.
• Bought more then 60,000 pounds of food and took upriver for KrinKrin and the surrounding villages, and sold it at cost so people could better afford it.
• Donated 72,200 pounds of rice to families in various villages where their crop was lost because of flooding and other causes.
• Organized several medical clinic days for medical professionals and dentists to come to KrinKrin and provide medical attention to many.
• Transported or provided finances to take 94 people from along the Rio Coco to a hospital or clinic for medical attention.
• Donated food and other resources for 14 funerals.
• Bought a rice huller machine and hulled more then 400,000 pounds of rice, so the people can get a better price for the rice they sell, and cut out the strenuous work of manual hulling for food.
• Bought about 50,000 pounds of rice at harvest time and stored it, then sold it back to the people at affordable prices when they need it.
• Rebuilt 3 widow’s houses and donated nails and other resources for 24 new houses in KrinKrin and other villages.
• Built a new house for a family who lost everything, due to a serious medical condition.
• Provided daily food rations to 10 families; widows, old people, and people with physical problems who can’t raise enough food for themselves.
• Started two experiment gardens to find ways to grow more food in the area, with more sustainable practices.
• Got construction well underway of a safe home for up to 30 children who have no one to provide for them or are seriously abused.
• Fed and nurtured five children every day at our house who have no other provider.
• Provided funds to pay teachers for school in KrinKrin from 4th through 8th grade the last part of 2014 and for the year 2015. (government provided through 3rd grade)

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“If you are a man come and fight him! Fight! Fight! Fight!” bystanders urged on the little boys, hoping to see something interesting for the day. A small disagreement between two young boys, Sinclair and Rouel, spurred on by aunts and uncles, looked like it might be an all-out fight. Chris happened by just in time to break up the fight between the boys and tell the adults that they should be ashamed of their behavior.
Rouel was from a refugee family that had just moved into an old schoolhouse building on the top of the hill, fleeing the fighting between the Spanish and Miskitu people due to land conflicts. Word of the arrogant 11-year-old boy did not take long to spread all over the village. Picking fights, teasing girls and cussing like a sailor was Rouel’s reputation. Since our house is close by, Rouel would come by nearly every evening to thump out rice for his family’s supper, many times testing our patience with his constant boasting and cussing. We soon found that Rouel was a child abandoned by both his father and mother and left with his grandparents: unwanted, unloved, undisciplined and hungry for love and attention.
After time Rouel began attending children’s Bible class that Karen gives three times a week where she shares with the children both Bible stories and basic principles of life. We soon began noticing differences in Rouel’s behavior from how he acted when he would come to play ball to the way he respected us when we said something. Every time in Bible class he would ask his teacher for a Bible verse to memorize, but when the next Bible class came, he never had memorized his verse. Since he is not able to read, and had no one to teach him. The more and more he started hanging out at our house, the gifts for the other children who said memorized Bible verses caught his eyes. He began to ask Eva to teach him a bible verse so he too could receive a gift, since the reason he had not been able to memorize them before is because he cannot read and also had no one to teach him. Eva in her great patience spends hours teaching him Bible verses. This time spent has not only helped him learn Bible verses that could make an eternal difference, but also has made him feel like he has some self-worth, which has totally changed his behavior. Rouel is no longer known as the cussing fight-picking kid as before, but as a sweet fun loving little fellow. We are all very proud of him as he memorized and quoted twenty Bible verses last Monday.
It is easy to become discouraged when many make a definite choice not to follow God, but the difference in one of these little ones is worth it all. Please be praying for Rouel and others like him to continue to make the right choices and let God’s Spirit begin to work in their lives to make an eternal difference. With much love, Sarah Lee


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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. His name be praised forever.

God has always been faithful, He has never failed us.

In this past year I think God has been teaching me as much as anyone here. It is such a blessing to have a deeper personal relationship with Christ and experience the great love that grows deeper every day.

Here in Krinkrin it is the beginning of the dry season,where it only rains a few times a week. The river has gone down a lot and the pathways back to the jungle are drying out, to where you can use sneakers instead of boots in shin deep mud. In the dry season, all the landscape changes; the grass turns brown and dry, the skies are bright blue with white fluffy clouds, people clear little places off to plant a few vegetables along the riverbank and the air is hot and dry.

We have been working on the new medical clinic. With the help of some friends who came for short mission’s trips, we got the doors and windows set, the walls painted and the floors tiled. We were also able to distribute 162 gift boxes to families in four different villages with the help of another mission’s team. I was really encouraged and blessed to be able to spend time with my friends. The Lord has been pouring out his love on me. It is such a blessing to see the work that He is doing on the river.



Delevering gift boxes




There have been a lot of trials and the devil is also trying to stop God’s word from reaching any more ears then it already has. Yet in Mark 13:10 it says “The gospel must first be preached to all nations.” No matter how hard tried, God’s word can’t be stopped. I know that no matter what will come our way, God will be glorified in the end. God has brought us here to do His work and He will make a way for us to teach all.

In this upcoming year we are wanting to go to more villages up and down the river, teaching the good news to all. Some will listen with open ears and some will turn away but the ones who believe will not be quiet with what they have learned; the spreading of the gospel cannot be stopped.

God has blessed us with a lot of fruit tree saplings. In the back yard we have 15 little coconut trees, several orange, lemon, mango, pear, etc. trees, but the biggest blessing of all is His love and protection. In these three and half years that we have been here I have learned so much about God’s love and grace, what He wants for me and who I am in Christ. I have seen many miracles that God did; He has healed the sick, made the lame to walk, softened hard hearts and much more.

There are many trials that strengthened my faith in God, and I know many more are yet to come, but my God has not failed me in any way. He has carried me through the hardest times in my life, times when I was not able to go on.

Marcos and Karen, our ministry partners, are a big blessing to us. Seeing the way that they have grown in the Lord is amazing. God has used them to encourage us when times were tough. Right now they are going through some hard times themselves, because they are not backing down from what God’s words says. Their friends and family are rejecting them, because of their faith in the Lord.

Mary and Camille have started giving Spanish classes to both our family and a few friends from the village. Since the language is Miskitu where we live on the river, learning Spanish has been put on the back burner, but we now also want to learn Spanish (and spread the gospel further to the Spanish speaking people as well). Katrina has also been a big blessing to me since she has been here. She has taught me how beautiful it is to serve God with all you have in many different ways.

There are a few things I would like to ask you to pray for:

Our family as we struggle to stay united in the midst of this work.

Our ministry partners Marcos and Karen as they are raising their family and are doing ministry.

Camille and Katrina as they are away from their families and are serving with us down here.

For open hearts and minds as we teach along the river.

Continual strength as we serve the Lord in many different ways and that we would never lose our joy in the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers for they are very needed and appreciated. May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified forever.



Psalm 71:14-16

As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more.

My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of Your saving acts all day long

though I know not how to relate them all.

I will come and proclaim Your mighty acts, Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim Your righteous deeds, Yours alone.

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Nov. Update

Dear loved one’s,
Praise and glory to God the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ, who has given us a living hope, and called us according to His purpose.
We have made our way to Managua again for the purpose of renewing our residency permits. Things have been delayed a little because it is the first year we are going under the covering of our ministry here in Nicaragua, so there is more paperwork that needs to be done, and more papers to be gotten from the government here. But God is so good!  He continues to give us favor with the right people so that things keep moving forward. Thank yall for your continued prayers and financial support, because without it, it would be imposible for us to do this process or to stay here.

Oh my! Here it is about three weeks later, and we are back in Krin Krin! God did some amazing things in the process of getting our new residency permits. We could very well have been stuck there for another six weeks, with the time lines they gave us throughout the process. But in one of the cases the wait was ten days, and we had the paper in one and a half hours! In another case the wait was five weeks after they accepted the paperwork, but we had our cards in our hands in three days! It was amazing! So we were gone from home just under a month. We were also very grateful for Camille and Katrina who stayed at the house with our Derlin while we were gone.

Since we are back things are all in a hustle and bustle like usual when we are gone for a month. Our ministering here in our village has gone to a different level, with the ones we have been teaching since we’ve been here, who say they are Christians, yet continue to live in sin. God told us to warn the people that if they don’t repent, they will have to face the consequences of God’s punishment, which we did.
Well what God said is coming to pass, and some serious things are happening the last few month. It is hard to see people suffer, and some die, but I am thankful that God loves them so much that He teaches them. There are a few who are starting to look deeper into what it means to be a Christian, but others have chosen to blame us for their sorrow instead of repenting.
There are a group of them who are banding together and have put a bounty on my life. As many of you know, there have been several attempts to kill one or the other of us in the past, without success. This time the plan is very well thought out where there will be no escape for me. (In human terms) They are hiring three hit men with good guns, one to come here in the village to kill me. If that one should fail, they assume that I will take off down river, so they will have another one stationed a little ways downriver, and if that one should fail, they will also have another one in Waspam, just in case I make it that far.
This is definitely a concern to pray about, but it doesn’t scare me. I know God has called me to do a work here that is not complete yet, so I know my time on this earth isn’t done. And if my time to go home with Him hasn’t come, they can try anything they want and won’t be able to kill me. And when my time has come to go, I can’t do anything to stay alive. So why should I worry, since my life is in the hands of the Almighty? After all He is my Father and I know He has the perfect plan for my life in His hands, so I desire nothing else!
Something I would like to ask yall to pray about is for all the refugees from the violence in the area. There are about 83 people here in our village who have fled the fighting, who we are trying to help with the basic needs of life. In the week since we are back I have talked to the leaders from our village and with several other people who are familiar with the situation in the affected villages. This is some of what I learned:
The village of Polo Paiwas has been completely wiped out, every house has been burned down. The people who weren’t killed have all fled to other villages. There are four other villages that almost all the women and children and some men have fled from as well because of the violence. They are mostly staying with whoever will allow them to stay, so there are many little houses that have four or five families (sometimes as many as 30 people) living in them. This is quickly creating a huge problem for the ones who took others in, because they barely had enough food to feed their family for a year, and now there food is all disappearing fast.
A few of the leaders from these villages have come to me and asked for help with food and medicine. Sickness is so rampant with the children and elderly, like it always is when there isn’t sufficient food and unsanitary conditions. We have been helping some, but with everything going on and with all the costs of our Managua trip, our general fund is pretty much dry. We really appreciate those of you who constantly pray for these situations, and also for the generous giving, which enables us to actually help physically with these huge needs. I am convinced that yall will be sharing in the blessings of being obedient to God’s Spirit, and someday in this life or the next you will get to meet the precious souls that have been won for Christ because of your obedience.

It is our goal to show or share the love of Jesus to everyone we meet. God is continuing to open the doors for us to minister in other villages. In the middle of Dec. we plan to have our first compana on the Honduras side. We struggle with ministering to everyone in follow up and new places. Almost all of these villages have a pastor of some sort, but many of them need some serious descipling yet (or be saved) before they can really teach those who make a profession of faith. It is our hope to start a discipleship training school for pastors in 2016, if the Lord provides the means to do it. When many of these pastors found out that the Lord put it on my heart to do that, they got very excited about it and said they will be coming whenever we start the classes.

We are also planning to have a pastor’s conference here in Krin Krin again in Jan, like we had last Jan. Only God knows how this one will turn out, because there are many pastors from further away villages who asked me if they can come this year. I also know that the Padri of the Catholic religion is telling their pastors that they can’t come to our functions anymore, although I know of several that have said that they are coming anyway, because nobody else has ever taught them about the Holy Spirit the and they want to learn more about it.

Another prayer request I have is for the Catholic minister that is over this immediate area. He is the one that the Padri had sent last year to shut our conference down, but by God’s grace he wasn’t able to shut it down, so he sat in and took notes about everything that was taught. By the end of the three day conference he came to me and apologized for causing us trouble, because we didn’t teach anything except out of the bible, and we didn’t bash his religion. He has been at several of the companias we have done in villages close to his, even the ones we did in the Baptist and the Moravian churches.
He was here just last week when the Padri was here in Krin Krin and left strict orders that none of their people were allowed to go to our companias anymore, and there was no way that they were allowed to have us have any part in there functions. This week they had a conference for young people here. The Padri didn’t show up, so it left this minister all alone to do all the teaching and everything. He was overwhelmed and went to praying to God about it,  and God told him: “why are you crying about being alone? Your brother is right here and is willing to help. Go unite with them and the work will go well. ” So he came and asked me to help with the preaching, and asked the rest of us and Marcos’s family to help with the music and play a couple of skits. It was awesome!! God is doing a huge work in his life and he is listening to the teaching of the Holy Spirit at this point, but I know that he will be pounced upon hard by his superiors in religion with the choices he is making. Please pray that God would strengthen him and teach him to also rely on the Spirit when he is faced with hard choices he will have to make.

Sorry this got so long. Thank yall for your faithfulness! Eli and family

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