Update from Leah

Dear friends,
We left KrinKrin on Monday Nov. 10 and are now in Managua for 10 days. We left our house in the care of Marcos and Karen, a family of believers, while we are gone.
Not knowing how long it will take to get our residency permits renewed, we came prepared to spend four to six weeks here, even though we hoped it wouldn’t take that long. So far this year everything is going smoothly and things are moving rather quickly, and looks like we may get them as soon as next Tuesday! The church that is covering us here in Nicaragua (Centro De Fe, Esperanza, y Amor) has been a great blessing.
We are staying at a missions center in Managua “Quinta Shalom.” It is on a quite street and the owners are very kind and helpful. We agreed to do some painting to help offset the cost of staying here, which we plan to start next week. We share the kitchen with the cooks here and they are very patient with us and our daily baking. :) We have agreed to cook the Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday for the whole crew here and for the other guests who are here on that day. We are looking forward to that! We enjoy meeting other missionaries who stay here as well.
Eli, Mary, Chris, and Sarah have been going to Managua every day doing paperwork and seeing after ministry needs. The rest of us are staying here at the missions center, with Katie, Elizabeth, and John catching up in their school work. It is hard for them to always keep up with it at home with all the activity going on there. Eva is spending her spare time doing medical research while she has the luxury of the internet. She struggles with her stomach problems and blood sugar issues, but seems to be slowly gaining on both.
Since we are here, every morning after studying the bible, we also read from the book Radical by David Platt. We as a family are enjoying reading it, and would encourage others to read it as well.
It has already been a year since Eli was involved in that accident and spent several days in jail. We often think of that time and are so grateful to God for bringing us through all that. We had an eventful year, with sicknesses and many trials. We know that the enemy isn’t done yet, but we trust in God for our strength. Our faith has been tested and shaken, but our faith in God has grown stronger through it all. Praise be to God that the group of believers is growing in KrinKrin.
Thank you for all the prayers on our behalf and on behalf of the Miskito people, whom we love and minister to. It is a great encouragement to know that others are praying as well. May God bless each and everyone who supports us in prayer, encouragement and financially. Leah Lee

2014 Family Gift Boxes

The village we want to bless this year with the gift boxes is Pihpilia. They are one of the poorest villages along the river. Pihpilia is upriver from KrinKrin two villages, and has 130 families.

Our goal is to find 130 families who will sponsor a family in Pihpilia, so we can do for them this year what we did for KrinKrin last year. We want to bless each family with a care package of basic household items like you can see in the little video of last year’s event at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyVSD9BLT-I 

Many of these families do not even have some of the most basic things in their possession like; plates to eat out of, or spoons to eat with, a comb, a bar of soap to clean their laundry, or a paper/pencil that enables their children to go to school.


For these care packages, we choose $50 worth of the most basic things that a household needs to survive in the rain forest of Nicaragua. It is a relatively small gift, but in their world they could not come up with that much money if they combined everything they can make for two or three years.

So by giving a family one of these gift boxes is a blessing bigger than most of us can imagine. Even in a culture where showing emotion is considered weakness, many break down and cry because they are so overwhelmed with joy. A common thing we hear is; “Why would God love me so much that He would have His Spirit touch someone’s heart all the way in the States, to help our family with such a large gift?” Which opens the door for us to start sharing with them who God really is and how He desires to have a personal relationship with them too.

If you would like to be a part of this effort to bless these precious people, you can go to the Contribute tab and donate $50 for a family. Make sure you write in the memo that it is for a Gift Box. Or you can do it through our church, New Harmony Church, or send a check to, Religion to Relationship Ministries  PO Box 345  Houston, Mo. 65483 and mark it as Gift Box.

Each box will also contain a booklet with the gospel message of Jesus Christ in their own language. We will also do a short presentation about God’s Love for them before the boxes are given out. Thank you for choosing to be a part of showing the Miskito people how much God loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them.

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Quick Update

Dear friends,
Just a few words to let y’all know that we are doing well. Sorry I can’t do a full update, but I didn’t prepare one beforehand and am very short on time. Rice harvest is in full swing and the rice huller is running every day. It works so well with the new bigger engine we got for it. Last week we had lots of rain every day, and the river got really flooded. The flood waters got within thirty feet from our house, but it’s gone back down by now. I am very concerned about the malaria coming back with all the standing water, since there was so much malaria in the area just a month ago. What I’d like to do is buy a mosquito fogger and take it along up, but don’t know if I could even find one on this side of the country.
  I plan to bring the whole family downriver on Nov. 10th to go to Managua and get our residency permits renewed. We will probably be there for about a month, so hopefully we will be able to do a few updates, pictures and stories during that time. I have promised some of you photos of different things and haven’t delivered them yet. Doing photos is a real challenge here, and especially in the last six month or so internet is next to worthless in Waspam, and even phone calls can be difficult. And I haven’t been spending very much time in Puert at all, just little quick trips.
  Thank y’all so much for your prayers and support! I know that I can’t state that strongly enough that you understand my heart, so I’m praying that God would bless your hearts with His peace and understanding, so that you may know how much you are appreciated. We love y’all! Eli and family
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Victories and Sickness

Dear friends,

Greetings to you in the Name of our precious and Holy Lord. He is so gracious and kind to us! We can always depend on Him to be with us and fight the battles for us, if we walk in the path that He prepared for us to walk through. And He is so kind as to give us His Holy Spirit so He can teach us where that path is. How could you not love someone like that? He is incredible!

Our family is going through a rough time physically at the moment, with most of them being down with malaria. There is a malaria epidemic in our village, and dozens of people are down with it. Praise God that the health ministry tries to train one person from each village how to test and treat the sickness, and supplies them with the medicines. The medicines were running out in our village, so I was able to send more up when I came downriver. But when I got to Waspam, Elizabeth who was with me got sick with what turned out to be tonsillitis, so I have been stuck there for several days, until today when she was good enough to make the trip to Puerto Cabezas. A couple days ago was the last I heard from the ones upriver on the radio, and they said that they were doing a little better, but Karen, the lady of the family that is living with us at the moment is still very sick, like at the verge of dying.

On the more exciting side, here is a piece that Sarah wrote about how God is working here; The bible study we have every morning has grown into much more then it was before. Last Friday morning as we were just getting ready to start bible study Jineth came and also sat thru the study. Afterward she talked to Dad. She had a dream that night; she was standing in a hole and dirt was crumbling down on top of her. She fought back but she couldn’t get out. Then a bright glowing man came and helped her out of the hole and told her “I will show you how to be saved”. When he said this she saw it was my Dad. Then she saw all her sins taken off of her and thrown in the hole and buried. After this she woke up and couldn’t sleep again. She told Dad that she knows if she would die she wouldn’t go to heaven. She wants to be saved but she wants to understand more first. Because she wants something that lasts, not just something that passes away. And so she has started coming to bible study every morning. She is very very sad at this point, as she is learning just how lost she really is, but we trust she will become saved soon. Your prayers are working! (A little history on Jineth; She is the girl that drank the poison a year ago to kill herself, and we were able to save her life with God’s help. Her parents are both bad witch doctors and have tried several times to cast a bad spell on us, but have found out that it doesn’t work on us. Marti who has come to bible study off and on, and dabbled with witchcraft in the meantime, is her brother.)

We are now doing two bible studies every morning. From 6:30 to 7:00 we do for the school children. Then when the people we hire to work come at 8:00, and we have adult bible study. This is just an amazing time. Every week we have different people working here. For example this past week we just happened to have some of the worst guys in the village working for us, a witch doctor, a murderer, a thief, a druggy, and a drunk. It was so amazing to see light bulbs come on as Dad explained salvation, and the difference between people that say they are Christians and people who have the spirit of God. Once one asked the question if a murderer could be forgiven? Here everyone says if you kill another person God will never forgive you. When this question came up the murderer just hung his head. Everybody listened with anticipation as Dad explained how Christ died for every sin and He has already paid the price for all the sins you have done, and all that you have to do is accept that gift. As Dad explained more the murderer lifted up his head with a new hope, and after that he had a strong desire to know more about Gods word. They are so hungry to learn, and they love being able to ask questions and share their opinion. The new believers are all doing well, continuing to learn about God’s truth and grace, and about continued surrender in all aspects of their life. With this there are always challenges to work through, but by the power of God and the help of the Holy Spirit, they are working through things and coming out victorious.

In the midst of these exiting things, there has been much opposition from the enemy. There are many more things I could write about, but will leave it with that for this time.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this great work that the Lord is doing! I pray that you are as blessed as we are by the fact that He has allowed us to be a part of a work as meaningful as this. Saving lives physically, but more importantly, snatching precious human souls from the slippery slide that dumps into hell, and placing them into the Loving hands of our almighty God. This, of course this is something only God can do, but it’s great to be an instrument in His hands as He does His work. We love y’all, and pray for y’all too, as we really appreciate your prayers for our family and the people of KrinKrin. God bless y’all! Eli


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Dear ones,

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. Through whom all blessings come, and through whom we can have eternal life. Recently as I was thinking about many of you and praying for yall, I realized that most of the time we write about the trouble that we face and the trouble the people here face each day, which I know that you want to know. But as I thought about all the things that God has done and is doing here, I had a desire to express our gratefulness to yall who diligently pray for the work here, and who give of your resources to help with the work.

Since we are here; (a year and a half) seven souls have been saved and sealed by the Holy Spirit, hundreds of people now have access to clean drinking water, more than 10,000 prepared meals have been served to the hungry, thousands have received medical treatment who otherwise had no access to it, through our grain buying and processing coop, food is now much more affordable in the area, plus so many other things that if I were to try to name them all, I couldn’t.

And hundreds of people are constantly looking at us and seeing what the gospel looks like as we strive to live our lives as the living gospel to the ones who can’t read or understand the bible. They are seeing that God really does come through for the ones who put all their hope in Him. God is slowly but surly making the line more and more visible between the ones who are truly interested in Him and the ones who practice sorcery and pretend to be Gods people.

I am convinced that God has a beautiful plan for the village of KrinKrin and the Rio Coco area, and I am so honored and humbled that God would allow us to be a part of this glorious plan to bring many many people into His eternal Kingdom. You too are a part of this plan, and I pray you are as blessed as we are by the fact that God has called you to such a worthy calling. Thank you so much for being faithful! Here is a story that Sarah wrote about what God has been doing this last week. Be blessed brothers and sisters! Eli Lee


It was Thursday afternoon as I sat in the office entering paper work into the computer. “Hey what’s up”, I asked Mary as she came in with her boots on.

Letting out a long sigh Mary let me in on the latest news.  “Derling (10 years old) is sick with demon possession, but she wants us to come and pray for her, and take her bible for her so she can read God’s word.

From little child up I had heard and read about people being demon possessed and how Jesus had heeled them, but had never gave that much thought to it till we came here.

Being here for a year and a half now I have learned a lot about demon possession, how it begins, how it affects the possessed person, and how the witch doctors turn around an heal that person. This particular possession in this story I’m about to tell mostly affects young girls. In general it starts when someone gets mad at someone else and wants to get back at them. Sometimes they will do it to the person they are mad at or a family member. They will get something personal (preferably a hair) of the person they want to cast the spell on, take it to the witch doctor and pay him to cast a spell on that person.

To get healed the possessed persons family will go pay the *good* witch doctor to remove that spell by doing his spiritual medicines. What normally happens then is the possessed person will get better, with a lot of restrictions on their life, like not being able to do certain things or eat certain things. And any time they overstep those boundaries, they have reoccurrences of the possession.

Many of you have heard the story of Solma and how she was healed and set free. In that story there was a little girl that didn’t get mentioned. Derling was there with us as we fought with and prayed for Solma, Derling cleaned house, carried water, washed laundry, etc. Even though Derling wasn’t involved in praying for Solma and fighting with the demons, she saw the power of God when Solma was freed from the chains that held her.

A few weeks after Solma was healed Derling came to us and asked if she could come to our bible study we have every morning, so she could learn more about God. We were very happy and of course said yes. From then on she came from time to time always happy to learn.

Derling’s Parents are some of the leaders of the Catholic Church, but also in time of trouble or sickness they are one of the first ones to run to the witch doctors for help.

So when we got the news that Derling wants us to go pray for her we were concerned that the parents would stand up and say yes, yes pray for her but we also want to do these medicines on her.

As Mary, Eva and I prepared to go over to their house we prayed that the lord would help us to explain clearly that they either have to choose God’s healing or Satan’s medicines.

 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s Table and the table of demons. 1cor 10:21

 When we got there we learned that Derling had told her parents that she does not want Satan’s medicines done on her, she believes that God is the one that is going to heal her. Thankfully the parents honored her wishes but also as we spoke to them more they began to understand more clearly.

‘Derling do you believe that God will heal you’ I asked her as she lay there awake. ‘Yes I believe’. As I began teaching her from the bible the Demon threw her body into convolutions so she could not learn about God’s word. She began crying as her body convulsed, she begged the evil spirit to leave her alone. She began naming the three names of the people that had cast the spell on her, ‘I had no part in the fight she cried, I am innocent, why do you torture me this way; there is a man up above that sees what is going on, He sees that I am only an innocent child, someday You will have to stand before him and give an account of what you have done’.

A month before Derling’s older sister and another young women had a fight two days in a row. When it was taken in front of the judge, he said for their punishment each of the girls have to dig a ditch by the school house for water drainage. Derling’s sister was out there digging the next day. The opposite party refused for a long time, but Wednesday evening as I went to get water from the well she was out digging the ditch. But she wasn’t out there alone, one of the witch doctor was there too, talking with her. And so this young woman and her mother paid the witch doctor to cast this spell on their enemy’s younger sister.

Thursday and Friday we prayed as well as taught her about salvation, although most times when we began speaking about God’s word the bad spirit in her would throw her body into convolutions, run for the door in inhuman speed, or the demon would push itself up into her throat to suffocate her. We fought with the demon so it would not kill her body. We prayed that the Lord would make the spirits leave her alone. Friday evening late we came home from praying and began talking about why the spirit wouldn’t leave her alone.

 And Jesus replied to them, this kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting. Mark 9:29     

We knew the Lord was going to heal Derling so when we remembered this verse we began fasting.

Saturday night God gave Karen (A Christian woman living with us) a vision showing her that the parents had sins in their life that was hindering Derling from being healed.

Sunday evening we all went over to their house again to pray. Karen shared with the parents the vision God had showed her. Both parents repented before God and made a confession of faith that evening. Then we prayed and asked God to cleanse the house, and as we worshiped God, His Spirit was so obvious in that house. We all gathered around Derling to pray. We cast out the demons in Jesus name, they could no longer stay there. When the demons left her she went into a deep sleep, her body being exhausted from wrestling with the demons. We hoped she would wake up so we could teach her more so she could understand how to receive God’s salvation. But she slept on into the night as we worshiped the Lord in prayer and song. Late at night we came home rejoicing that the Lord wasn’t only working in Derling’s life but also in the lives of her parents. The demons had been forced to leave Derling alone; yes she still didn’t have God’s spirit, but we trusted she would become saved.

“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of the person is worse than the first.” Matt 12:43-45

Monday morning Derling and her parents came to bible study. The witch doctor by now realized the spirits had been forced to leave her, and quickly cast another spell on her to replace the demons that had been forced to leave. And it worked, since the evil spirits hadn’t been replaced with God’s spirit, they could go back in.

After the demons had caused Derling’s body to go into convolutions for the second time, and after she regained consciousness, she knelt down and prayed this simple prayer. “Lord thank you so much for making the bad spirits leave me one time, but I’m asking you God, please do it again”. God honored her prayer.

All day we spent teaching her more about salvation; and in the evening we all gathered around again for a time of prayer. Dad announced that we will all gather around Derling and whoever wants to pray is free to, also telling Derling she can pray if she wants. As we were still gathering she got on her knees not waiting for anyone else, and prayed this beautiful prayer, “ Lord I know I have done bad things in my life, but God I’m asking you to forgive me, and from this day on I don’t want to do them again. God I’m giving you my heart. God I ask you to put your holy spirit in my heart so I can live for you. Thank you God! Amen

We are rejoicing with the angels in heaven for these that have come home.Derling and Parents

Friends and Neighbors, there is huge spiritual battles going on here. This was Satan’s territory and he doesn’t want to give it up. He is fighting back with all the strength he has. Recently three of the main witch doctors from this community, who had for years lived in other towns, came back to live in this community. That is only in the physical that we see, we know Satan wants to gather all the farces he has to fight back. But I also know that God is much stronger then Satan and God will win. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but we trust that in the end God will have huge victory. Please be continuing to pray. Thank you, Sarah Lee

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