God is Faithful

Some of you may remember one of our updates a few years ago when we went to a conference way downriver of about a thousand people, where we played a couple of dramas (skits) and preached God’s Word. This story I’m about to share happened a few days ago, but is tied in with what happened at that conference.

This true story may take some by surprise that God would still do something like this, but please read this with an open mind and allow God to reveal Himself as God who has not changed from who He has always been, neither has He lost His ability to come through for His people who seek Him diligently.

I went to the signal spot to check my messages for the day, and found a message from one of the Believers (Karen) who had traveled to the town of Bilwi, which said, “Please give me a call.” Upon hearing her voice I realized there was a sense of urgency as to why she had requested my call.
When I called her, she said, “Last night after I laid down to sleep an angel of the Lord came to me and said: ‘There’s a woman who was at the conference in the village of Wasla a few years ago, who saw and heard the teachings the Lee family did there. Eli also spent time teaching her many things about God. After thinking about it a lot she chose to believe it and put her faith in God. Since then when she faces a trial in her life, she remembers those teachings and takes her trouble to God in prayer and trusts Him with it. God has been answering many of her prayers because she has chosen to put her faith in Him. A while back her husband had gotten really sick, to the point of death. She kept praying to God and asking him to intervene, and God answered her prayer and saved her husband’s life. But right now she has huge trouble on her hands, and continues to cry out to God day and night asking him to help her. She is at the hospital here in Bilwi. You go talk to her tomorrow, and she will tell you what her trouble is.’ And then the angel left.”
Karen went on to tell her story about how that day, even though she had no idea who this woman was or what she looked like, in obedience to the angel of God she went over to the street that led to the hospital. As she was walking she met a woman who greeted her and said,”Hi, you work with the Lee family and their ministry in KrinKrin, right?” Then went on to explain how she got to know us at the conference in her village a few years earlier, and how our teachings had impacted her life and her faith in God.
When Karen asked her what brought her to Bilwi, this is what she said: “About a week ago a couple of my young daughters were playing in front of my house when a few horses came running through. The little girls tried to get out of the way, but the three-year-old stepped in a hole and fell. One of the horses ran over her and broke her leg really bad, so that the bone was sticking out into the dirt. By the time we got her to the hospital in Waspam a few days later it was infected so bad that they sent us on to a better hospital in Bilwi.” She continued as she wiped a few tears from her cheeks, “The doctors told me they can’t save the baby’s leg, and that she is likely to die even if they take the leg off,” she sobbed.
“The hospital told me they do have a nurse going with a few patients on the small plane to Managua tomorrow where they have better facilities,” she continued, “and could take my daughter along, if I can get to Managua myself. But I have no money to buy a bus ticket, or any other means to get there, and if I can’t get on tomorrow mornings bus they won’t take my baby either. All the people I’ve asked for help have not been willing to help, because nobody knows me here. But I continue praying and believing that God will somehow make a way for me to go so my baby can get all the help possible. Every time I start to lose hope I remember the teachings of pastor Eli, and how God has proved Himself to me so many times since then, so I feel confident that He will make a way somehow.”
Karen paused, and then said, “I didn’t have enough money to send her, so I wanted to talk to you to see if you could help her.” It was already late afternoon, but we devised a plan on how to get her the money she needed to go the following morning. I praise God for coming through for those who put their trust in Him. Would you please pray with us that God would save the little girl’s life, and even her leg? Also for the mother’s needs while she is in Managua. As we get more information about the outcome, I’ll try to do a follow up update. Thank you to all of you who support us through prayer and resources so we can continue to minister to the Miskito people. Update by Eli Lee

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Grateful for God’s Protection

Dear partners in the work of Christ.

What an amazing opportunity God has given us to be involved in building His Kingdom, that will stand forever! That he has made us worthy and acceptable for such a great work! The more we see the value of human souls being saved from the kingdom of darkness and eternal agony into the Kingdom of light and eternal freedom and glory, the easier it is to surrender and devote all of our time to the work of Jesus Christ instead of following after our desires and things that are considered precious in this present age.

Our enemy the devil is no fool when it comes to tact. He has learned the weaknesses of human beings, and unfortunately he has the great majority of the people in this world blinded and following after him and his lies, because they refused to take the Word of God seriously.

Unfortunately most of these people are pastors who call themselves “Christian”. These attacks have manifested themselves in various forms, including lying about us and slandering us on Public Radio encouraging violence toward us, dragging us into court on false charges (10 different times), numerous attempts to try and get us expelled from the country, several assassination attempts, several attempts at poisoning us, a few kidnapping attempts, a steady stream of curses from witchcraft, along with many other things.

God is an amazing Father, and always follows through with His promises! Even though our time here continues to be a challenge, by God’s grace we are still here, and the work of His kingdom is still going forward. He continues to protect us from the continual attacks from those who have taken it upon themselves to fight against the work of God.

These are some of the very people that Satan has used for years to keep the Miskito people along this river bound up in spiritual darkness and poverty, and he is not willing to let that slip from his hands. This is another one of those stories like we read in the Bible where it explains the situation, and then says, “But God…” Everybody along the river knows by now that if it wasn’t for God, there is no way we would still be here. This is why God has not shut these evil ones down yet, because by allowing them to harass us to the extent that they have, He has been able to show his power not only to a few, but to all who live along the river.

We so appreciate every one of you who prays for us and the work here! These battles are fought mostly by prayer, and even though you are not here with us on the ground, you are as much a part of this work as we are. Also to the ones who give financially. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to stay here physically, and move from one place to the other as needed in fighting these battles, as well as continuing to minister God’s Word in various places. There are thousands of Miskito people who are eagerly watching and waiting to see if this Hope is really real that we teach about. Weather there really is such a thing as freedom from all the fear and bondage they have known all their lives. And God is faithful and showing them that He is real, by not only defeating those dark powers, but also by making a public spectacle of them. His plan will prevail! For He is good!

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus. Revelation 14:12. No, it is not easy. But when we think about the value of a human soul (the life of Jesus Christ), then there is nothing else in life that would be more worthwhile doing then this.

On another note: Many of you know that Leah had hysterectomy surgery 2 years ago, which went really well and she recovered well from it. At the time of examination they also had found that she has lots of gallstones, but she wanted to try natural remedies first to see if she could dissolve them. Recently she started having issues and had another examination a few days ago which found she does need surgery to remove her gallbladder.

She will need to have it removed soon, so we are planning to go to Managua next week to hopefully have the surgery. Because of the short notice we haven’t been able to put out an email about raising funds for the surgery until now. But God knows all of that, and I believe he will have the funds there by the time of the scheduled surgery in just over a week from now. If you feel led to give toward this expense of $4500, you can do so by mailing your check to:

Religion to Relationship Ministries PO Box 345Houston, Mo. 65483
Or you can give online at http://www.religiontorelationship.org/contribute/
Make sure you mark your donation for Leah’s Surgery. Thank you! May the Lord bless you for your generosity! Thank you for being on our team! Eli Lee 

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Battles and Victories

Dear friends and ministry partners,
I hope y’all are well, and that your motivation to walk in obedience to God’s word is stronger than ever. We are doing well here by the strength and the power of God, who refills our cup as often as we seek Him and worship Him with all of our heart. Our biggest struggle is that so many times we wait to give our burdens to Him until we are tired and wore out of carrying them before we hand them over to Him and allow Him to relieve us and refill our empty cup with renewed energy and strength.

“Do what?” asked Chris as he came in the door and overheard me tell the others about the new court summons from Waspam. ” So what is the case about this time” he asked. I explained that it was again from the same group of people that have been trying to run us out of town by trying to prove that our land papers were not legal. (This group of about a half a dozen families has taken me to court 8 times over the last 5 years, with almost every false accusation under the sun, trying to somehow gain control over us so they can pressure us into paying them money every month.)
” But in the court case last month the territorial president and territorial judge said that all our land papers were legal, and closed the case,” protested Chris. Yes, that was the case, but it is obvious that Satan has not given up yet on shutting down this work of the gospel. He has taken these three men captive (who are in the lead at the moment) to be his slaves to do his work. They have said they will continue until they have completely destroyed us, or have run us out of the country, even if they die doing it.
“But really, what can they do? The case has already been examined and closed by the territorial judge and president, so nothing will come out of it,” I said. But little did I know that these men had join forces with the religious leader in Waspam who also hates our guts, and gone to the judge in Waspam and told her all the hideous lies about me they could come up with.
But to be on the safe side I asked the territorial leaders if they would go with me to court, so they could explain to the judge what they see in the case. Because I had noticed that the last few times I was in the Waspam court the judge there greatly disliked me. They agreed, and when the time came they went along.
When we got to court we were in for a surprise. The judge did not allow the territorial leaders into the courtroom, because she had already made up her mind that she was going to do whatever it takes to run us out of the country. Her conduct that day was not that of a judge whatsoever.
She only allowed my opponents to speak, falsely accusing me of all kinds of serious crimes. While they were accusing me, she jumped in with them accusing and lecturing me and telling me how terrible and stupid I was. She told my opposing party that they have every right to run us off our land and to take over by whatever means they want to, even breaking our buildings down if they need to.
After she finally gave me a few minutes to speak, I told her that I don’t have much to say, but want to inform her that the majority of the people in our village and the villages around us do not have a problem with us, and that this case has already been dealt with by the territorial leaders and has been closed. And that they are willing to talk to her about what’s going on in their territory, if she’s willing to hear them.
At hearing mention of the territorial president and judge she cussed them out right there in the courtroom, and said they and their work doesn’t amount to anything. I told her that I respect my leaders and their work, but if she doesn’t want to respect them, this case might go to higher court, because they were given authority by the government. With this she ordered me out of the courtroom.
There were some people standing on the outside of the courtroom listening, and someone got a recording of what happened. When the territorial leaders heard how the judge disrespected them and didn’t honor their work, they were greatly upset. They immediately called their authorities and told them what happened. With that the case was accepted by the next level of court and officials.
Long story short, this past Saturday there was a huge court case about what happened in Waspam court. There were many high ranking officials there to hear the case, including an official who works next to the president of this country. Many of our village people were there, the village leaders of 9 other villages, as well as our territorial leaders, all speaking in our favor, telling of all the good things that we have done to help them, and that the opponents are just jealous that they can’t get their hands on all that money themselves.
After the officials heard all these things, and the opposing party not being able to come up with one thing we had done that violated the law, or people’s right, they encouraged us to keep going. They gave harsh warnings to the opposing party about their behavior, and told them to leave us alone, because if they keep stirring up trouble they will find themselves in trouble.

We are greatly rejoicing over this victory! We praise God for touching the hearts of these great officials to look upon us with favor, and to rule justly for the sake of the people. God knows that we are not here to seek or receive anything for ourselves, but to seek the lost and introduce them to the loving Lord who desires to save their soul, as well as binding the forces of darkness that keep the people from being able to see the light.
We know that this spirit of oppression is what has kept the Miskito people in bondage and fear for many years, keeping them from being able to move forward out of poverty. Just like these few oppressors and fear mongers who are only interested in fulfilling their own lustful desires, even if it means hurting thousands of their own people to get what they want. We know there will still be many more spiritual battles that need to be won, but we are praising God for what has been won.
An investigation has been launched on the judge in Waspam, and it sounds like she will probably be removed from her position. It is said that she has had many complaints against her about ruling unjustly, and that the recording that was gotten was the hard evidence they needed to build the case against her.

We are honored that God has called us to be a part of such a great work as to free a people group from such spiritual darkness. I want to also thank each and everyone of you as part of our team for all the prayers and support that you give.
It is interesting to think back and remember how God brought each one of you on board with this ministry. Each one of you is special to us, because we know it was God who connected us. God has chosen you to be a faithful vessel to take the gospel to the lost and dying. Thank you for doing your assignment, which causes it all to work together for the salvation of many people. Your brother and coworker for the kingdom, from Eli Lee and the team on the ground.

PS. A little feedback and encouragement for those of you who give for a certain program. The good deeds that came up most at the hearing where; the Old People and Widows Sponsorship Program, the Love Tubs, the Emergency Medical Transport, and helping the churches. These are programs that have repeatedly caused people to speak favorable of us, and opened many doors for us to go into other villages. Thank you for financially supporting these programs!

And many thanks to the ones who give without specifying a program! That is what enables us to continue to operate, making it possible for us to do everything we do here.

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Christmas Is In The Air

Mud covering my rubber boots, eyes red from smoke of the wood cook fires, exhausted and dirty I sat down on the makeshift table/bench and began sorting out the rice that had slipped through the huller unshelled. I had gone along to Kitaski (several villages upriver from KrinKrin) where we were hosting a large meeting with church leaders from along the river (the churches that asked us to take them under the ministry’s wing after their own leaders abandoned them). Chris and Marcos had picked up 70 plus people the day before and brought them there by boat, and I had come along to help cook.
“What is your name,” I asked the young lady who had stopped by the temporary kitchen to help out for a minute. “Velma” she replied and began helping me sort the rice for the evening meal. For a while Velma and I sat in silence our fingers busy sifting through the thirty pounds of rice while the other ladies chattered away about dishes and clothing.
 “My favorite utensil that I have in my kitchen is the knife that we got in the family love tubs almost two years ago,” stated Perla, one of the cooks. “Me too” chimed in Mali pouring water into the huge aluminum pot, “I had wanted a knife like that for years but was never able to afford one so when I saw one in the tub I was beyond happy.”
 “Our village was really fortunate that the Americans agreed to take the lead of this little church, because the things in that tub were all things we use every day,” added Velma, obviously thinking we gave the love tubs to the village of Kitaski because we oversee a church there. “No,” Perla stated stopping what she was doing, “when they gave us the love tubs they still hadn’t even been heading up this church. Just think about it, Mali and I aren’t members of their church; we’re Moravian but we all got tubs! Remember, before they handed the tubs out to us they said that it was a gift of God’s love, and that God’s love isn’t bound under different denominations.” “That is so true” added Velma solemnly letting the thought soak in for a minute. All the ladies nodded their head in agreement then went on exclaiming amongst themselves about the different items that were packed in the love tub and how they still use them daily. I smiled to myself happy to know that they still used the things given them two years before, but mostly because the message had come through that this was more than just a handout, it was a gift of God’s love toward them.
 With a welfare mindset being very dominate among the people here I sometimes struggle with giving out the love tubs, afraid that they will just take it for granted and further this mindset. Yet when I am able to here that the message really did come through clearly it makes me very excited about doing it again. As the time approaches and we are starting to order things to pack into these love tubs I am so grateful for each of you that have given to pack a tub full of necessity items for a Miskito family. I pray that you will be blessed for your contribution!
Chris and Marcos continue to make lots of trips up and down the river visiting local churches and dealing with constant issues that arise. The new small 20HP motor has hardly gotten a break since the day we got it; it is such a huge blessing! Continue to keep Marcos and Chris in your prayers as their work is no easy one.
The weather here is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, breezy and less rain, even cooling down to 70֯ degrees some evenings sending us on a search for our sweaters and blankets. Christmas songs can be heard ringing across the property throughout the day and anticipation rises as the days are counted down till the rest of the family joins us here for the Holiday.
 Plans are in the making for a village Christmas party! Each of the 110 families from KrinKrin will receive a flash light and some candy, names will be drawn for door prizes such as a blanket, cooking pot, machete, buckets, and brooms, and a few toys for the children. There will be snacks to enjoy along with lots of fun and games. We are super excited to be able to do this with the whole village!
I hope ya’ll have a very blessed Christmas!
In Christ, Sarah Lee
-Remember to count the blessings that you God has given you today! –
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