Jan. Update

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that as this reaches each one of yall, it will find each and every one well and abounding in God’s Love and Peace. It is so wonderful to spend our time in His presence, as we go about being His hands and feet here in the rain forest of Nicaragua. It makes it even a lot more fun now that I can understand almost all of the language, and am able to communicate well with them, although I do have a lot to learn yet.


More and more of my time is being spent ministering God’s word, individually as well as everyday bible studies and some preaching at the local Catholic and Verbo churches. I enjoy it so much. It is amazing to me how willing the people are to learn. It seems like they have been watching us for the last two years trying to figure out what we are about, and now that we are able to put into words what they have seen us do, it’s starting to make sense to them. As they hear God’s word preached and realize that it’s because of what the bible says that we live the way we do, more and more are coming for the morning bible studies wanting to learn more about what God’s word says.

The new believers are growing very rapidly Spiritually, and one by one are expressing a strong desire to get involved in evangelism. It is so rewarding to see them being taught by the Holy Spirit and being transformed into the image of Christ.


With the money that was given for the mosquito fogger, we bought it already and it’s in use now. As the rains slow and the mosquitos get more, the timing of having the machine is just right. We have used it in KrinKrin once already, but are getting ready to do it again, and then as we get permissions from other village leaders along the river, we plan to do them too. I’m convinced that this will make a huge difference in the amount of malaria cases we will have to deal with.


The rice machine is working very well. The people from all the villages close around are so happy to be able to bring their rice here to get it shelled. And the ones that have some to sell are having a big advantage too. When they take their rice to Waspam to sell the store owners ask them where it was shelled. If it was shelled in KrinKrin they buy it, but if not they don’t buy it, or pay much less for it. The original response from the other few machine owners was that we are their enemy, but we put the word out that if they want us to teach them how to do it the way we do, we will. The other day the first one came by and wants to become friends and learn from us.


It is so good to have plenty of medicine for the sick these last nine month or so. The girls are getting a pretty good system down, so they can get through big groups quicker. The health ministry is getting excited about us doing medical here, as they keep hearing good reports from the people, and we keep bringing sick into the hospital. One of our recent trips with someone sick, the health director of Rio Coco area asked Mary a lot of questions about what we are doing, and then told her that they are going to make her the official health worker for our area. With that they gave us a big box of medicine, and when it gets all gone and we take the paper records to them they will give us more. It’s not close to all the meds we use, but it helps so much!


We are looking forward to several teams coming to help us in the next few month. Our Pastor David Gidcumb and our dear friend and brother Brady Weldon plan to come and do a pastors conference in our village, for the pastors along the river. We are so excited about seeing some of our friends soon.


These are the messengers we sent upriver on a two day journey upriver to invite the pastors to the pastors conference. Two others were sent downriver as well.


As some of you know, we have been talking about the need for an ambulance on the river. We have made a few emergency trips with our boat and saved the lives of a pregnant woman and her baby, a guy that got beat up and shot, as well as a young guy who broke his leg with the bone stuck out into the mud. Unfortunately, many times we don’t have the money to make the run because of the cost of fuel for our big boat, so many lives are lost that could easily be saved if we had this vehicle.

What we want to do is buy a three seat jet ski and fix the back seat so that we can strap a stretcher on it. This machine wouldn’t take very much gas and would travel quickly even in the three month of dry season when the river is too low to run our boat. It will also make it possible for us to help many more villages along the river. We also just found out just recently that our friends (Clint and Marilyn Hanley) who have been flying medical emergencies are planning to move back to the states in April, so we are praying that we can have our ambulance by that time.

Jet Ski

Three thousand has already been given for the ambulance and equipment, but we still need thirteen thousand five hundred to get it. Please pray for this to happen so that many more lives can be saved along the river.


We so appreciate all the resources that are being given for ministering Gods Word in the various forms that God has opened the doors for. It has made it possible to start doing some work in a couple of the close by villages as well. The program we have where people can support an elderly person or couple is a great success. It is opening the door to minister Gods word to the individuals as well as whole communities as they ask us to come into their village.

Through this program you can support an elderly who is unable to go to the fields anymore, and is in great physical need, for fifty dollars a month. This allows them to go to their little community store once a week and take out some food. We currently have eight people on this program who do not yet have a pledged supporter. If you are interested in supporting one of these precious elderly, you can do so through our website, through New Harmony Church, or mail it to our post office box found on our website. Make sure you mark your donation as “elderly.” You will receive a prayer card with a photo of the person, and a short story about them.

Thank you for your interest and involvement with Gods work among the Miskito Indian people. I am amazed at how many people God is choosing to get involved with His work here. Your prayers are appreciated more than anything else, because the enemy is trying everything he can to stop the work that God is doing here. There are times we have to just believe God’s promises that He will win, because there are days that it seems like the enemy is getting the upper hand. But the bright side is that usually right after those times, God breaks through the impossible with a great victory that no one can deny His power. We love yall! By Eli for the Lee family

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What is True Love

What is True Love

Today I choose to be thankful for the hard things in my life, like people trampling on my heart. You must have gone crazy you may say, no one in their right mind would ever be thankful for something as painful as that! In fact that is the most painful thing we can experience in this life, how could anyone say such an awful thing!

This is the subject we discussed this morning in devotions, how can we overcome the hurt of when you take someone in who is in desperate need, and pour your heart out to them, and after a while they turn around and trample your heart?

They receive and learn and receive some more until they realize that in order to become a person like they see you as, involves giving up things and surrendering their life to serve God and other people rather than themselves, they turn around and trample our heart. This is something we have experienced over and over in our Christian life, and it is the most horrific pain that I have ever experienced. Yet we keep doing it over and over again.

The question was asked this morning; how do you completely overcome that pain, so that the next time you’re not like; I’m just not going to get that close this time, so when they turn their back it won’t hurt so bad. This is exactly what we as human tend to do, after all God gave us the ability to wrap up our heart with some protection in order to not let anyone get close enough to hurt us this way again.

As we recalled the different ones who we have tried to help and show the Love of Christ, but later trampled our hearts underfoot, tears flowed from the depth of our hearts where the scars still remain from each time it happened. So why would we keep doing it?

Every time this happens, we choose whether we will forgive that person and go on to open our hearts to the next person, or if we will wrap another layer of protection around our heart so that the next time the stab won’t go so deep. If we keep doing this we will soon be holding everyone we come in contact with at arms length to make sure that when they take a jab at us they can’t reach our heart. You know, we really can take charge of things and protect ourselves from such agony. And with the human version of love, this is exactly what we will do.

But let me tell you a story: There was once a King who had a Son. The Son lived in His Father’s Kingdom where everything was peaceful. There was no fighting, arguing or jealousy since the time when His Father had expelled Lucifer from the Kingdom who had tried to overthrow the King and grab the position for himself. With Him being the only Son had it made! He had no needs, He had everything He wanted. His Father Loved Him dearly and the whole Kingdom was same as His.

Then one day the King said to His Son; “You know those creatures that I made to look like Us on planet earth, the ones I love so much, the ones we called humans. I made them so carefully and perfectly. I made their hearts in a way so that My Spirit fits in just right and I can communicate with them and they with me. Well they have chosen to follow the ways of Lucifer instead of the way I instructed them. This just breaks my heart, because I told them if they choose to disobey My command, My Spirit could no longer live in their hearts, that it would separate them from me (spiritual death) because I cannot be united with sin.”

“Oh no,” said the Son, “how will you communicate your Love to them now?” The King continued, “since they have chosen to follow Lucifer instead of me, I can’t bring them into My Kingdom, and I have no other option but to send their spirit and soul to hell with Lucifer. But that’s just hard, because I Love them dearly! Just look at them, they look like little Us’ns running around down there.” “That is so sad” said the Son, “but I know that what you say is right.”

“I made them in a way so that they could choose what they want to do,” said the King, “but I thought that if I reveal My Love to them, they would want to follow Me. But they didn’t! And now that they don’t have My Spirit, they will never fully understand what I want them to know, and I can’t bring them into My Kingdom with us, because I have cleansed this Kingdom and I will not bring anyone in it that does not want to honor Me as their King, to be with Us for eternity.”

“You are right Father” said the Son, “It would not be good to bring someone into Your Kingdom that doesn’t want You to rule over them, it would just cause trouble. That is such a shame, because You had such great plans for them, and look at them, they all just follow after their own desires and interests, hurting others along the way, instead of paying attention to what You told them to do. They just don’t seem to get it that You Love them and want them to Love the ones around them with that same Love. Not one of them is doing everything right, so there is no hope to bring them into Our Kingdom.”

“I have a plan,” said the King. “You are right. They don’t get it, and none of them is holy. I will send You to them as a human to show them what it looks like and feels like when someone Loves them the way You and I Love each other. You will show them and tell them how much I Love them, Maybe then they will get it, that My Love is absolute, no matter what they do My Love for them stays the same. And that it’s because they have disobeyed My commands that we can’t be together.”

“I can do that, said the Son. How long do you think I should stay there?” But wait, said the King, “I know that as long as My Spirit does not live in their hearts, they will still not be able to be perfect. And as long as they are not perfect, My Spirit cannot live in their hearts. This is impossible!” “But nothing is impossible for you Father,” said the Son.

“You’re right Son, said the King. We will do this! You will go there and be born of a virgin human so that you can know the weakness of them, live a perfect life among them, and then they will kill you. But because you will not do sin, your perfect life will be a sacrifice for their sin. I will put their sins on your body and you will pay the price for all the sins that humans have ever done and will ever do, except when they blaspheme My Spirit. But I will bring you back to life in three day and you will come back here to our Kingdom and rule with Me forever.”

“Then the ones who are willing to repent from their sins, believe that you are My Son and have paid for their sins by your death may ask Me with a sincere heart to forgive them, and if they are actually willing to follow My commands, I will forgive them and put My Spirit into their hearts and seal it.  They will need to be willing to give up their life and trade it for yours, and then I will look upon them as perfect, because it will be like looking at you.”

“I know they will still be humans, but with My Spirit in their hearts I will be able to communicate with them again and teach them. And I will give them My strength to overcome the things they struggle with. And if Lucifer comes and tries to deceive them again I will be right there to remind them of who is messing with them, and because I will live in them and they believe My promises, they will be able to, in Your Name, tell Lucifer and his demons to go and leave them alone, and he will have to go.”

“Then I will be able to help them understand the difference between My Love and their kind of love. Their kind of love always needs something in return, and if they don’t get what they expect, their love goes away. But My Love is unconditional, which means that if I Love someone, that’s it, I Love them. Just because they don’t love me back doesn’t change the fact that I Love them all the same, it simply means that they loose the blessing of knowing My Love.”

“Because Your name on earth will be Christ, which means Redeemer, those who believe in You and become born again with My Spirit will be called Christians. Because I will teach them to be little christs, who will follow Your example of Loving their fellow humans with My Love so that all humans will be able to see that I am good. And they will tell others about the Good News too, that the price for their sins has been paid by You, and if they believe in their hearts that this is true, and turn to me, I will give them eternal life. But if they don’t receive the gift of salvation, I have no choice but send them to hell with Lucifer, the one whom they have chosen to be their king.”

“After they see My Goodness and know how much I Love them they will surely be willing to surrender their lives to Me with the promise of being able to spend all eternity with Us, rather than being tortured in hell with Lucifer forever.” “You have the plan Father,” said the Son, “it will be hard, but I will do it!” And He did! This is what True Love looks like!

I have surrendered my life to God, and have received the gift of eternal life and the Holy Spirit. My heart’s desire is to be a little christ that looks and acts as much as my Lord Christ as possible. And with coming back to the subject in the beginning of this article, why would I let a little inflicted pain cause me to become wrapped up in myself and my comforts rather than continue to show others the True Love that only comes from God.

I believe our time on this earth is short, and I’m afraid that not all people will get to see and hear the Good news, so I don’t want to waste any of my time sitting in self pity. Eli Lee

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Another Update from Leah

Dear friends,

We are here in Managua for 3 weeks already. We plan to head homeward on Sat morning. We will be going upriver mid to last of the week as we will do business in Puerto Cabezas and Waspam. We got our residency permits a lot quicker then expected.

The last several days Eli and several of the kids have been going to the market and shopping for the Christmas boxes. 130 of everything! Our room that all of us are staying in is getting to be quite full.

Several have gone to the dentist here and gotten teeth filled or pulled. When we were in Mo this spring Eli got a tooth pulled and they had to take part of the jawbone and now he got another one pulled and it broke a chunk off his jawbone that came out with the tooth. It seems like his teeth have grown into the jawbone. He has a lot of jaw and teeth pains and is thinking he may just go ahead and get them all pulled and get dentures next year when we are in the states, if we can afford it.

We have had quite some experienses since we came back from the states. We came home to having to deal with a demon possessed 14 year old girl. They call it “crazy sickness”. We have dealt with several others with it  since. The scriptures take on a whole new meaning when it talks about demon possession now. The witch doctors are now angry at us and have numerous times tried to cast evil spells on us and have several times come up on our steps now with their curses, insects that have pins stuck through the heart, images of upside down crosses and graves on a paper and blood on the steps, which mean certain death, and we have seen it happen to others. We prayed over the papers with the curses and burned them and washed the blood from the steps. It is quite the feeling to wake up and find that on the steps at 2 o’clock at night. You can feel the darkness of the evil spirits but there is a peace that surrounds us like no other at such a time. We can feel God’s presence and know that we are surrounded by HIS Angles as well and know he is there with us.

The next day the witch doctors would keep “passing through” to keep an eye on us expecting us to die. But with God’s protection nothing happened, HE is so much stronger then the devil.  Then one time when that didn’t work they even tried to kill us by selling us milk they had been poisoned. But God protected us through all of that as well. When I bought the milk and poured it in our container, something was just not right but I could not see or smell anything different, so we fed a little of it to the dog but he didn’t want to eat it. Only took several licks and walked away. After several hours he was very sick and that evening we thought he will die but the next morning he was better.


It can be stressful with all that stuff going on besides our busy daily life. If we would have come on our own will we would have left a long time ago, but God sent us so we stay. On a personal level most of the people are still very friendly with us, It is just several evil people that are being used by the devil that are angry. And yes the people are upset that the witch doctors do this to us and it has been a witness of Gods power through all this. There is a big spiritual war going on and we don’t see half of it. This has been the devils territory for so many years and he is not willing to give it up easily. We know this is just the beginning and we don’t know what is ahead of us but we do know God is in control and in the end He will be glorified.

Keep praying that we will not focus on what the devil is trying to and getting accomplished but to keep our focus on our almighty God. There were days when we felt like God has let us down and forsaken us, when it seemed he was not hearing our earnest pleas and prayers. But in the end he showed us he was there and in control after all. He was just waiting so he could show off his power all the more.  Just thought you’d like to know so you know how to pray for us.

We are very busy with all we have going on. Eli is always on the go, seeing after the many projects we have going. Also spiritual and finnancial adviser and encourager for anyone that comes. Chris has been busy shelling rice and doing many other “man” jobs. Mary and Eva stay busy doing medical, listening to the people’s many ailments, handing out medicines, bandaging and stitching wounds. Sarah stays very busy with secretary work and managing many projects and carrying water from the well. Katie, Lizzie and I stay busy with keeping house. Even with the others helping us as they have time, we are busy. Making meals for 20 people 3 times a day, doing all our laundry on a washboard, cooking and cleaning all takes more time here then in the states where everything is so easy and modern.

John stays busy running errands and doing small chores and odd jobs, plus playing marbles and sling shot, swimming and fishing and doing his school work. Katie and Lizzie also do school whenever they find a chance.

Katie took her test and passed today. We are all so excited. That will help sooo much now that she is done with school. Lizzie wants to study hard in this next year and hopefully take her test next year. The test online is free but the diploma costs several hundred $$$ which we get. Four of the girls have done it now.

Thank y’all for your continued prayers and support! Leah Lee and family

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Update from Leah

Dear friends,
We left KrinKrin on Monday Nov. 10 and are now in Managua for 10 days. We left our house in the care of Marcos and Karen, a family of believers, while we are gone.
Not knowing how long it will take to get our residency permits renewed, we came prepared to spend four to six weeks here, even though we hoped it wouldn’t take that long. So far this year everything is going smoothly and things are moving rather quickly, and looks like we may get them as soon as next Tuesday! The church that is covering us here in Nicaragua (Centro De Fe, Esperanza, y Amor) has been a great blessing.
We are staying at a missions center in Managua “Quinta Shalom.” It is on a quite street and the owners are very kind and helpful. We agreed to do some painting to help offset the cost of staying here, which we plan to start next week. We share the kitchen with the cooks here and they are very patient with us and our daily baking. :) We have agreed to cook the Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday for the whole crew here and for the other guests who are here on that day. We are looking forward to that! We enjoy meeting other missionaries who stay here as well.
Eli, Mary, Chris, and Sarah have been going to Managua every day doing paperwork and seeing after ministry needs. The rest of us are staying here at the missions center, with Katie, Elizabeth, and John catching up in their school work. It is hard for them to always keep up with it at home with all the activity going on there. Eva is spending her spare time doing medical research while she has the luxury of the internet. She struggles with her stomach problems and blood sugar issues, but seems to be slowly gaining on both.
Since we are here, every morning after studying the bible, we also read from the book Radical by David Platt. We as a family are enjoying reading it, and would encourage others to read it as well.
It has already been a year since Eli was involved in that accident and spent several days in jail. We often think of that time and are so grateful to God for bringing us through all that. We had an eventful year, with sicknesses and many trials. We know that the enemy isn’t done yet, but we trust in God for our strength. Our faith has been tested and shaken, but our faith in God has grown stronger through it all. Praise be to God that the group of believers is growing in KrinKrin.
Thank you for all the prayers on our behalf and on behalf of the Miskito people, whom we love and minister to. It is a great encouragement to know that others are praying as well. May God bless each and everyone who supports us in prayer, encouragement and financially. Leah Lee

2014 Family Gift Boxes

The village we want to bless this year with the gift boxes is Pihpilia. They are one of the poorest villages along the river. Pihpilia is upriver from KrinKrin two villages, and has 130 families.

Our goal is to find 130 families who will sponsor a family in Pihpilia, so we can do for them this year what we did for KrinKrin last year. We want to bless each family with a care package of basic household items like you can see in the little video of last year’s event at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyVSD9BLT-I 

Many of these families do not even have some of the most basic things in their possession like; plates to eat out of, or spoons to eat with, a comb, a bar of soap to clean their laundry, or a paper/pencil that enables their children to go to school.


For these care packages, we choose $50 worth of the most basic things that a household needs to survive in the rain forest of Nicaragua. It is a relatively small gift, but in their world they could not come up with that much money if they combined everything they can make for two or three years.

So by giving a family one of these gift boxes is a blessing bigger than most of us can imagine. Even in a culture where showing emotion is considered weakness, many break down and cry because they are so overwhelmed with joy. A common thing we hear is; “Why would God love me so much that He would have His Spirit touch someone’s heart all the way in the States, to help our family with such a large gift?” Which opens the door for us to start sharing with them who God really is and how He desires to have a personal relationship with them too.

If you would like to be a part of this effort to bless these precious people, you can go to the Contribute tab and donate $50 for a family. Make sure you write in the memo that it is for a Gift Box. Or you can do it through our church, New Harmony Church, or send a check to, Religion to Relationship Ministries  PO Box 345  Houston, Mo. 65483 and mark it as Gift Box.

Each box will also contain a booklet with the gospel message of Jesus Christ in their own language. We will also do a short presentation about God’s Love for them before the boxes are given out. Thank you for choosing to be a part of showing the Miskito people how much God loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them.

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