Heading Back

Dear ones,
Our time in the States has expired. It was a wonderful time to spend with so many of yall who we love dearly. There are still many who we didn’t get to see, which saddens me, but there just isn’t enough time for us to run around to see everyone. That’s why we put the word out in the beginning for yall to come to us this year, which many did, and we are so thankful for. It was overwhelming at times to see how much yall cared about us, and to what length you went to to bless us. Thank yall!

​ ​It was also amazing to see God touch so many hearts about getting involved with His work in Nicaragua. I am excited and refreshed, ready to head into this next year, not knowing what God will bring about in this next year, but being convinced that it will be good. I pray that yall might share in our joy of serving the Lord and the Miskito people. I was just reminded again, really how much more I enjoy being in this remote place where the Lord called us to, dealing with people in a culture hundreds of  years in the past, than being in a culture where “Stuff” is worshiped.
Being a Holy Spirit sensitive Christian is easier here than it is in the United States. Here, if you aren’t sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, you get clobered by the enemy. There the enemy uses different tactics, like trying to make us believe that if we had “That” we would be happier. And in our pursuit of it we are focusing on ourself instead of God, so the enemy wins our time, effort, and resources, which is our worship.

About the bridge that is out between here (Puerto Cabezas) and Waspam. Many of you saw my post on facebook, but for those of you that haven’t, I will include a photo here.

2015-06-14 13.18.56


I have heard several reports about when it will be fixed, but some of those have already proved to be wrong. Tomorrow I plan to take a bus to the river, and go across the river by canoe or walk across the bridge if possible, and then get on another bus on the other side and go on to Waspam. Hopefully this information I got is accurate. I hear there is a little of supplies getting through that way too, and some boat gas is being gotten along the river on the Honduras side.
Leah and Lizzie flew direct from Managua to Waspam, and went upriver today. Chris came downriver yesterday to see after some things, and said that things are well at home. Hopefully I can go upriver on Sunday. Thank y’all for your prayers! Love y’all! Eli Lee
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States Schedule

Dear loved ones,

Greetings. I apologize for not getting this update out quicker, but we have been so busy. We have been to two funerals and three churches since we got here last Wednesday evening. When we got here to the States our church family and friends had a house all ready and furnished for us, with money to buy groceries too! We feel so unworthy of all these blessings, and want to say thank you for being so kind and considerate.

Our last month or so in Nicaragua has been extremely busy, with going to other villages every week to do conferences where we preach the gospel, take our worship team, drama team, and show the Jesus film. God is doing some amazing work in the hearts of the Miskito people, as He opens the doors for us to speak the truth of His Word by the Holy Spirit.

It looks like our time here in the States will also be busy, but we are blessed to be able to be here and share with yall what God is doing in our lives and the lives of our precious Miskito Indian friends. With this house we are staying in yall will be able to stop by and see us whenever you want. We won’t be able to go and visit many of our friends like we did the last few years, because it just runs us to death. So this year we are inviting yall to come and see us, for a minute, a few hours, or just hang out with us for a while.

We do have a busy schedule, so if you are coming far, make sure you message me by this email address or text me at 618-306-7004 to make sure we’ll be around when you come, or to set up a time to come. Our house is located; from Hwy 32 and Hwy 72 junction, take 72 west toward Rolla. Go about half a mile and pass Hwy H on the left, we are in the next house on the right, a red brick house. From Rolla, as you get into Salem, pass Hwy F and the big metal buildings (church) on the left, we are the first house on the left. Please come on out and see us, because we do want to see yall.

I will include our speaking schedule as far as it is filled out now. I know that all our Wednesday nights will also be filled up, but haven’t got all the details yet. I will also share this schedule on Facebook and update it as I get confirmations and times of meetings.


Wednesday April 29th, Arrive to Salem late evening.

Sunday May 3rd, 10:30 am, Ten Mile Church in McLanesboro, Il.

Sunday May 3rd, 6:00 pm, Nine Mile Church in Tamaroa, Il.

Monday May 4th, 7:00 pm, SI Country Church in Makanda, Il.

Wednesday May 6th, 6:00 pm, Lockard Church in Anna, Il.

Saturday May 9th, 1:00 pm, Wedding in Raymondville, Mo.

Sunday May 10th, 10:00 am, New Life Church in Rolla, Mo.

Sunday May 17th, am, Rock Springs Church in Licking, Mo.

Sunday May 17th, pm, Corrinth Church in Salem, Mo.

Wednesday May20th, pm, Doug Massie’s Church in Eminence, Mo.

Sunday May 24th 10:45 am, New Harmony Church in Salem Mo. w/ fellowship lunch afterward.

Sunday May 31st, am, John Smith’s Church in Mo.

Sunday May 31st, pm, Homisser’s Church, Mountain View, Mo.

Sunday June 7th, am Clara Baptist in Houston, Mo.

Sunday June 7th, 6:00 pm, Roby Baptist Church in Roby, Mo.

Sunday June 14th, am, Oak Grove Baptist Church in Salem, Mo.

Tuesday June 16th, Leave for Nicaragua.


There are many other events scheduled during the week as well, but these are the speaking events where everyone is welcome to come to. Thank yall for having us back in this country for a while! We are excited about getting to see many of you in this time. Please be praying for our team that’s still on the ground in Nicaragua taking care of the many needs there. Thank you, Eli Lee

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Update from Eli

Dear loved ones,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus, from the jungles of Nicaragua. This has been another incredibly busy month. As we struggle to keep up with the Spiritual and physical needs of our people, God continues to give us strength and wisdom to keep going. And as the river gets lower because of the dry season, traveling just takes even more time, with the trip from Waspam being lengthened to eleven to thirteen hours again.

But one of the super good news is that in this month the money came in to buy the much needed boat motor and also for the jetski/ambulance! I have ordered both already and they should be delivered in the next week or two. I am so excited about having these valuable tools to help with the work of the ministry. It will take the hassle out of all the hauling jobs, and the jetski will allow us to do our work in other villages, and all these conferences with so much less time and effort, and after we get our stretcher outfit made to strap on it, we will be using it as an ambulance on the river. This, without a doubt will save many lives in villages that up until now had no way to get medical attention quick.

We cannot express the depth of our gratitude to God and the ones who prayed with us, and the ones who gave to make this happen. I’m convinced that yall will receive many blessings in this life as well as the one to come because of what you did. In this life you will never know how many lives will be helped physically, as well as how many souls you will meet in heaven because of you sharing the resources that the Lord has given you, to do His work on this earth. Thank you with all of our heart, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be blessed!

Clint, the medical pilot is moving back to the States with his family in a few weeks, but he donated his plane to another young guy who plans to fly it. He will be based out of Puerto Cabezas where our radio won’t reach, so don’t know yet how we will be able to contact him. The places he can land are about forty five minutes (with the jetski) upriver, or in Waspam which will be about an hour and a half. A cell phone company has built towers along the river, and plans to turn the signal on in about a month. They say there will be signal all the way, but I don’t really expect it to come to KrinKrin, because we are right in the middle of two towers, at a distance that I’m not banking on being able to use a cell phone at our house, but we’ll see.

Our New Harmony Church made my wife and I feel pretty special by paying for a weeks vacation at a laid back resort on the west coast of Nicaragua, because we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow. We are enjoying our time here, just resting, or recharging. Thank yall for the blessing!

20150327_083437 20150327_083326

  We so appreciate Camille (from Oregon) who came a few weeks ago and joined our “on the ground” team here. In a week we will have another young lady Katrina, (from Indiana) coming to serve with us for a few month, or possibly longer, depending how the Holy Spirit leads her. Having a few more people on our team will help out tremendously.

I will share the account of how one of the conferences went that we went and ministered at recently.


Tulingbila Conference  March 20-22,  2015


The date of the conference was set up by the pastor of a little church in Tulingbila a few month prior to the event, at which time he along with a few other pastors from surrounding villages asked me if we would be able come and be a part of it with preaching, worship, our music equipment and also help with some food.

I agreed and put it on our calendar. We stayed in contact and told him to bring a batu (a medium size boat) to take the food and the equipment the day before the conference. When he came he only brought a little duri, (a small canoe) which was not suitable to take our expensive equipment. So we gave him the food and told him to bring a batu the next morning if he wanted the music equipment, but he said he was just going to see if he can find equipment in one of the villages closer, which we all knew didn’t have sufficient equipment.

Chris, Marcos, and Karen were planning to go along to get everything set up and do the worship parts of the conference, but when the pastor didn’t take our equipment they didn’t go right away, and as we were discussing the matter, as to what could be done, the pastor from a downriver village Kokal, (a 2 ½ hour walk away) and his whole group came walking up. (we had gone and ministered at a conference in their village about a month before, and the Holy Spirit had really  They asked how things were going with getting ready, so we told him what had happened.

He got a little upset and said, “We are not going to let the laziness of this pastor stop the work God wants to do in Tulingbila! We are going to do what it takes to make this work go on. We have several young men with us, and they can carry this stuff on their backs.” So I took over the rice shelling and Chris and Marcos got all the speakers and equipment ready and strapped it on the guys backs and their backs and took off for Tulingbila, a three and a half hour walk upriver. We sent the little generator with a guy from Tulingbila who had come and got a canoe load of rice shelled.


The first night of the conference could have been considered a disaster. The people that came acted like they were scared to come inside, seemed distracted and not engaged with what was being taught. The worship wasn’t much different, and as Karen was singing, her throat mysteriously got closed off so that she couldn’t sing any more.

As they laid down that night after it ended, Marcos, Karen, and Chris discussed the extreme spiritual darkness that overshadowed the whole church house and what went on there. They began to pray that God would show up and cast the evil spirits out of that place and rest His Holy Spirit there. That night God showed Karen in a vision some of the things that had been going on there in the church house. The pastor was also a witch doctor and used the church building to do his evil rituals to curse people, and scare people into submission to him, so the evil spirits lived there in the building.

So the next morning she shared it with the ones who had showed up for prayer meeting. For the next couple hours they prayed and pleaded with God to show up with His Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus they cast out the evil spirits that had made the building their home. They also warned the pastor harshly about his evil practices.

From there things completely turned around, with the worship and sermons all being directed by the Holy Spirit. Over the next few days as the Holy Spirit spoke through the speakers, many tears were shed as the Spirit dealt with each individual. On that day (Saturday) there were several who went forward and handed their life over to the Savior.

The following day, (Sunday) most of the other Christians from KrinKrin went with me to the conference, and we started the morning off with worship, and then our drama team did the skit of a young girl who happily walked with God in her innocence, but then a young guy comes along that she likes and ends up taking her innocence away, and from there she runs after all the different things of the world trying to get happy again, but nothing works and last she tries to take her own life.

Finally she remembers how happy she used to be when she was younger and used to talk to Jesus all the time, so she decides to try to get to Jesus. She tries over and over with all of her strength, but is blocked every time by the demons or sins she had committed. At last she falls to the ground completely exhausted, and cries out to Jesus to come and save her. At that moment Jesus steps forward and with one powerful swing of His arm knocks all the demons down, and picks her up and holds her tight for a moment. Then He goes about doing things with His arm still around her, and she gladly follows Him wherever He goes with a happy and joyful heart.

By the time the play was over, probably about eighty present of the people, young and old were crying or wiping tears. Sarah took the microphone and explained all the different things in the skit and also shared her own testimony, which touched many hearts as well.

From there I preached, with scriptures explaining why we are not able to work our way to Jesus, and how Jesus explained how anyone who sins is a slave to sin. I also shared a peace of my testimony about how for many years I was deceived by religion about how to get to heaven, and how satin had me as a slave to sin. How I struggled just like the girl, trying to get to Jesus, but always failing, and how hopeless it became, until one day just like the girl, I cried out to Jesus to save me, because I couldn’t get to Him. How He saved me at that minute and set me free from all those things I was enslaved to. And how He walks with me and I walk with Him now, doing the things that He wants me to do.

I finished out with explaining how anyone who is done with their life can do the same, and that Jesus desires to save everyone that way, and put His Spirit into their hearts and make them “Spirit” children. But warned against thinking they can just ask Jesus to save them, but not be willing to surrender their life to Him like so many people do, and become “name” Christians only, who have no power to overcome sin, and cannot enter heaven because they are not born again.

As one of the local pastors picked it up and talked about what they had seen and heard, and how God is inviting anyone who is willing to surrender to Him to come, a young woman came forward and bowed to the ground and cried out to God to take her life in His hand, and then a young man also came forward in tears and said that he wanted God to take over his life.

Tuling baptism

Right after the service most of the group went to the river where the two and a few others got baptized. As we were walking back up to the village for lunch I found out the story behind the two who had come forward and given their life to Christ that day. They had been together as a couple for a few years and had children together, but she had gone to the Baptist Church, and his family being Catholic, didn’t want him to leave their church so they told him he needs to leave her.

So he did as his parents and siblings said and left her. From there both of their lives had become a serious mess. And that day the Holy Spirit got ahold of them both. She knew that she had never given it all up to Christ, and that day she gave it all. He too decided to give it all up to Christ, even though that meant being shunned by his parents and siblings. I later took the two aside and shared with them how my family and I had experienced the same thing when we gave our life to Christ, but that it is well worth it. I was able to share with them many words of encouragement for the coming days and years, and how keeping their focus on Jesus will make the difference how well they can overcome their old habits, and how pleasant the journey will be.   By Eli Lee


Thank y’all for continuing to pray for us and the people here. We appreciate all the resources y’all provide as well, because without them we would not be able to go about doing the things that we do. One of the areas I would like to ask you to specifically pray for at this time is for resources for the school. It takes a lot to keep that all going, but we know that God is in charge and that He has plenty, so it’s a matter of Him touching the hearts He wants to be involved in this area of the ministry.

I am so blessed to be able to be a part of the work that God is doing here, and pray that everyone of you who is involved will feel equally blessed. And I pray that someday some more of y’all will be able to come visit us here and see first hand what God is doing, and how His Spirit is at work through this ministry He has brought about. I love y’all, and am looking forward to seeing y’all through the month of May when we plan to share with y’all in the States. Eli Lee

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Open Doors

“He is the light of the world,” “(Witin sika tasba ingnika).” Pastors from over 20 different villages up and down the Rio Coco, from every denomination had gathered together in our village a few month ago to learn more about Jesus.  After three days of being fed the W ord by Pastor David Gidcumb , Brady Weldon , and my Dad, each Pastor went back to their own village.

 But that wasn’t the end! In the weeks that have followed Dad has been invited to many different villages to preach the truth about our loving Savior. Doors have flown wide open to teach in any denomination and practically every church. Sadly enough we have had to turn down a few invitations  because of transportation issues and so much opportunity and so little time to do it .


As Dad mentioned in the last update , we are still without transportation of our own , which limits where we can go, and how long it takes to do what we do. Last Sunday we walked two and a half hours through the jungle to a village down river to preach , and then back . Even that was nearly too much for Dad with his health issues; and we continue to receive invitations from further and further up and down the river. Please continue praying about the transportation need .

On the days Dad isn’t preaching in other villages or down river buying supplies; mornings at 6:30 when he goes down the steps to lead bible study, until 7:00, or 8:00 in the evening he is busy teaching and answering questions.  From one on one consoling with those who are so hungry to learn more about God’s word , to seeing after the different projects in the ministry , he rarely gets a chance to breathe.

 Work for the rest of us has also increased with the many new opportunities. It is very tiring but we continue on, praising God for every opportunity.  We are excited and happy about Camille coming next week to join our family with this work. She is planning to stay for a year or more.

 “Before January when we all came to the pastor’s conference in KrinKrin ” stated one pastor on a recent visit to our home; “All of us pastors were just sort of sitting there, preaching in our own little churches, seeing how many people we could get to come in . But since the teaching at the Conference   here  a fire has  started burning, we have begun seeing it’s not about which religion you are in, because there really is only one God , and when we become God’s children, it is all by the same Holy Spirit, and He wants us to be one body. I want th is truth to be shared with everyone. I do not want that fire that started burning to go out, I want it to continue to grow because it is good!.”


We have also experienced the joy of two more joining the family of believers; a young couple hungry to serve our savior. Please be praying for Jerly  and Estevana. She is the pregnant lady that we took downriver in the middle of the night a few month ago, thus saving her and the baby’s life.

Potito & Estevana & Wester

We have been able to team up with a few of the local folks, willing to help with the experiment farming. It has proved so far to be very affective the way we are trying it now , and more and more people are talking about trying it themselves. These are ways that they will be able to use the same piece of land for years, instead of having to cut down a new section of the jungle every two years.





We also have restarted classes in the school from 4th grade through 8th grade this year, with licensing through Verbo Ministries who had done it for several years, but last year they were not able to continue the school. We saw the children either go without school, or get sent downriver to Waspam to live with a relative or friend while attending school there. With no parental supervision many have been destroyed because of drugs or sex trade. We also saw what a great influence we could have on the next generation if we get to invest in them at that prime age of growing up, teaching them bible principles and the truth about God. It is a big undertaking, but we are excited about the opportunity to reach these precious young ones, and are convinced that God is the one in control.

 Please be praying for continued strength for our family and for the doors to stay open for God’s word and Spirit to spread freely among the Miskitu people.

Thank you to the many who are so faithful in prayer and support. It is through our partners like you who make it possible for us to continue sharing God’s love as opportunities arise.   Sincerely, Sarah Lee

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