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Author Archives: Eli

Update from Eva

Flowers are such a beautiful creation. Almost ten years ago when we first moved to Krinkrin there were only a few flower bushes in the village, and those were defended, by their owners, with a sharp tongue. Flowers were something you didn’t mess with and you walked big circles around. Kids did not want to … Continue reading »

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Exciting Update from the work in Nicaragua

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Glory and honor to the God most high who has redeemed us from this corrupt world. Even so, He has left us here for a time to share the wonderful news of Salvation to those who are perishing without hope. We are no longer of this world, yet we … Continue reading »

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Update from Eva in Nicaragua

An update from this part of the world is far past due; and we appreciate everyone who has faithfully continued praying and supporting us during this season, even in our lack of communication.  TRUST is the word the Lord has given me for this season. Trust even if you don’t know, and may never know, … Continue reading »

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An Enemy Called Religion

Please pray for an Amish couple from Middlefield Oh who have become born again. When their married children found out about it they came into these new believers home and ushered the three children still living with their parents out the door, even with the mother telling them they can’t take them, and took them … Continue reading »

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